Eastern Watersports now offers Connect-a-Dock floating and modular docks!

The applications include everything from private residences to marinas and even commercial and military use.

Eastern Watersports is a stocking dealer of a variety of Work Floats and sells, installs and services the entire Connect-a-Dock line of products.

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In Maryland, the total platform (NOT THE MAIN PIER) area at a private non commercial pier (fixed or floating)

  1. Shall not exceed 200 square feet
  2. Shall not be located over vegetated tidal wetlands including Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV). Follow this link for SAV maps in the Chesapeak Bay:
  3. Shall be located in the channelward 50% of the pier as measured from the mean high water line to the landward edge of the platform.
  4. MDE does not usually authorize floating platforms that will rest on the substrate during any phase of the tidal cycle so a cross section showing it’s position at Mean High Water and Mean Low Water(MLW) in relation to the substrate is required but generally if there is less than 2-feet of water at MLW we will ask the floating be platform to be relocated.
  5. When calculating total area our regulations require us to include the section of main pier adjacent to the platform as part of the total platform area.

You can always contact us if you have any questions about how we are calculating platform area.

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