PWC Connect

PWC Drive On Docking

Attach Connect-A-Port 2XL or Connect-A-Port Docks to Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series High-Profile Docks or other fixed / floating docks

Need a place to dock your PWC Jet Ski?
The Connect-A-Dock offers 2 different PWC Drive On to add a safe harbor for your one-, two- or three and 4-place personal watercraft! — just roll off and you are ready to go!

Connect-A-Port 2XL

PWC Dock 2XL
Keep your water fun on an “even keel” with Connect-A-Port 2XL! The Connect-A-Port 2XL is the PWC docking for you, universal hull support makes docking personal watercraft easier with the added length over the orginal Connect-A-Port and Stoltz Keel & more Bow rollers. Idle up to dock…roll off to launch.

PWC Docking adds a safe harbor for your one-, two- or three-place personal watercraft. Connect to the 2000 Series docks, floating docks or fixed dock.

Connect-A-Port – Orginal

PWC Dock
Connect-A-Port is the Personal Watercraft (PWC) dock with a universal hull support that makes docking your PWC easier. With the added length and Stoltz Keel & Bow rollers, you just idle up to the dock and roll back off to launch. Connect-A-Port provides a safe harbor for your one-, two- or even three-place personal watercraft.

Extremely versatile, with our pre-engineered connection kits, you can anchor your Connect-A-Port to a wooden fixed dock, to our 2000 series floating dock, or any floating dock you want!

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