Equipment Service

We offer complete service for all dive equipment.  Please view the chart below for our current rates:

Air Fills

 6-40 cubic feet$  9.00
 41-85 cubic feet$10.00
86-117 cubic feet$11.00
118-149 cubic feet$12.00
Paintball Tanks$  5.00


Hydro Test$27.50
Visual Inspection$12.50
O2 Cleaning$35.00
Doubles Assembly$45.00

Regulators (parts not included)

1st Stage$20.00
2nd Stage$20.00
Air 2 / Breathable Inflator$20.00

Dive Computers

Battery Change (User Serviceable)$10.00 + Battery
Battery Change (Manufacturer)$15.00


BCD Interior Cleaning$20.00
BCD Service / Repair$20.00 + Parts

Bench Labor Rate

$10.00 / 15 minutes

Dry Suit & Wetsuit Repairs



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