Sell Us Your Gear

Sell Us Your Gear

Everyones favorite way to sell SCUBA gear


We are interested in purchasing good quality, modern diving equipment and accessories. Items we’re looking for include but are not limited to:

*BCD’s (Buoyancy Compensation Devices)
*Regulators, Octos & Alternate Air Inflators such as Air 2′s
*Dive Computers & Gauges
*Scuba Tanks, Pony Bottles & Spare Air Units
*Dive Knives & Dive Lights
*DPV’s (Dive Propulsion Vehicles)
*Underwater Photo & Video Equipment
*Wetsuits, Boots, Gloves & Hoods
*Masks, Fins & Snorkels
*Dry Suits
*Commercial Diving Helmets & Hats
*Soft & Hard Weights
*Equipment Bags & Hard Cases
*DAN o2 Kits
Working Air Compressors, Fill Stations etc…
Dive Shop Tools & Equipment


*Certain Scuba Tanks manufactured prior to 1990
*Scuba tanks that have been painted aftermarket
*Dry-rot neoprene items
*Badly damaged items (rips, holes, tears, cracks, discolored rusted etc…)
*Dacor products
*Non-brand name items
*Items with the serial number removed
*Non-functional antique & vintage items (exceptions may apply)
*Non-functional air compressors & other dilapidated equipment
*Items we deem to be unsafe for use
*Bathing suits and other dive related clothing such as boat coats wants your SCUBA equipment.

HOW DOES IT WORK?: The process is fast and easy. You will ship your gear to:

C/O Eastern Watersports
3009-C Eastern Blvd.
Middle River, MD 21220.

Once we have received your items, we will evaluate them and Email you with an offer within 72 hours of receipt.

If you accept our offer, simply reply via EMAIL with YES, I ACCEPT YOUR OFFER. Once we receive this email we will make a deposit into your PayPal account the same day. If you do not have a PayPal account, we will mail a Eastern Marine Services business check to the address you provided.

If you do not accept out offer, simply reply via EMAIL with NO, I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR OFFER. Once we receive this email, we will re-box your items and return them to you.

Remember, you must contact us for an SA (Shipping Authorization) number before sending us your items.

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LOCAL SELLERS: If you live in the Baltimore – Washington Metropolitan area, simply bring your items into our retail store located at 3009-C Eastern Blvd., Baltimore MD 21220.

REGIONAL SELLERS: If you live in one of the following areas and have a large quantity of gear to sell ( MD, VA, PA, DE, NJ, WVA, NY) special pick-up arrangements can be made for selling us your gear. Simply call us to discuss your situation at (443)-231-7096.

NATIONAL SELLERS: If you live outside of the region and have a large quantity of gear, please call (443)-231-7096 for a consultation.


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