PADI Boat Maintenance

The PADI  Boat Maintenance course is designed for recreational divers who wish to safely and efficiently maintain their boats in the water. It is not designed as a substitute for commercial diving school. It covers subjects such as Boat Terminology, Equipment and Tools required, Safety Procedures & Equipment, Operating in Overhead Environments, Working in Hazardous Conditions and Environmental Issues. The course has been vetted and approved by PADI.  Those who complete it will receive a certification in “In-Water Boat Maintenance – non-commercial.”

The cost of the course is $400.00 PADI

This includes:

  • Complete a  PADI Course Manual & Quiz
  • Two to Three Hour Classroom Session (depends on your number of questions)
  • Four Hours of on-site / in-water training. (This may be conducted on your own boat, a friend or family members boat or by special waiver working with the Instructor for 4-hours on-site with KB Diver Services Inc.
  • C-Card Processing


  • For Certified Divers who hold an advanced rating or higher from a recognized training agency.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have DAN or other similar dive insurance
  • Must sign both the PADI  and KB Diver Services Inc. Waiver and Release of Liability

Equipment Requirements:

  • Divers in this course are expected to provide all basic diving equipment (Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots, Gloves, Hood, Wetsuit, BCD, Regulators, Octo, Gauges and/or computer, Tank & Weights)
  • Divers may rent this equipment from us if they do not have it. Standard equipment rental rates apply.

Equipment Provided:

  • We will provide all tools of the trade (Scrapers, pads, Brushes , suction tools, etc,)

Class Size:

  • For safety reasons the in-water portion of the class is limited to two divers at a time and if conditions are poor – one at a time at the discretion of the Instructor.