Specialties available at Eastern Watersports

If you would like Private 1 on 1 Instruction or a specialty class customized for your family or small group of friends, we’re the place to call. All classes are arranged between you and your Instructor.

A note about our specialties

Our specialty courses are designed to make you comfortable and confident. Not all specialty courses are equal. We go above and beyond in all of our specialty courses, teaching you more than the basic requirements. Feel free to ask what separates us from others in the area.

Please choose from the Course Options below then give us a call to arrange your class.

SCUBA Tune-up – eLearning$67.10PADI
SCUBA Tune-up – Pool Session$135.00PADI
Enriched Air Diver Nitrox$180.00PADI
Rescue Diver**$249.00PADI
Dive Theory$144.00PADI
Full Face Mask$195.00PADI
Dry Suit$195.00PADI
Advanced Navigation$149.00PADI
Buoyancy Control$149.00PADI
Search & Recovery$149.00PADI
Night & Limited Visibility$149.00PADI
Digital Underwater Photography$250.00PADI
Shore$ 99.00PADI
Boat$ 99.00PADI

**Prerequisites must be met to enroll in these courses.

Course Fees Includes:

  • Private 1 on 1 or small group class (never more than 4)
  • Specialty Course Material (where applicable)
  • In-Water Skills Training (Pool – if applicable)
  • Advanced Checkout Dives (Quarry or OW as applicable)
  • Use of certain required specialty equipment (course dependent – please inquire.)
  • Certification card processing upon completion of all requirements

Course Fee Does NOT Include:

  • Quarry fees or other checkout related expenses
  • Use of certain required specialty equipment (course dependent – please inquire.)
  • Use of Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots and Gloves. (We offer well priced new and pre-owned packages of these items to our students.)
  • Use of Scuba equipment such as BCDs, regulators, tanks.  If you do not have your own personal items, these can be rented.

If you have any questions, please call us at 443-730-0300 or email us at info@easternwatersports.com